High Voltage Junction Boxes

All high voltage enclosures are manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel and have an IP rating of IP66 as standard. IP67 versions are also available. All enclosures are ATEX certified by SIRA for use in a Category 2/Zone 1 areas and Category 3/Zone 2 areas. The entire range offers flexibility in terms of both connection options and mounting arrangements. New variations are continually being added to the High Voltage range. For example, we can now offer Category 3/Zone 2 high voltage enclosures capable of operation at 35kV

MJB Range

The MJB range provides a simple, low cost but effective
solution for the connection of cables. Used primarily for
joining cables or as a connection box. Maximum voltage 8.3kV.

DPJB Range
The original high voltage ‘down hole pump‘ connection box
which has been used by many customers all over the world.

HVJB Range
The latest in the High Voltage range offering enhanced
flexibility over the choice of cables, entries and cable
terminations. Maximum voltage 11kV.

LR Range
The LR range was originally designed for a specialist
application for a specific customer. However, this type
of enclosure has since been used in more general applications
where a need for the flexible connection arrangements is
required. Maximum voltage 11kV.

BusBar Box
A busbar enclosure with a maximum voltage of 11kV, a current
capacity of 3000A per phase and a fault rating of 80kA for
1 second. Capable of connecting 3 phase & neutral and up
to 6 cables per phase.