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Introducing ESWL+, our cost plus ordering service

March 29, 2022

Introducing ESWL+

Our cost-plus ordering service allows you to purchase from specified vendors without the hassle of vendor set-up and approval. Use your ESWL approved payment terms and methods, and we will handle the rest. Our objective is to make your procurement process as seamless as possible, and one of the key ways we have been working with our customers in achieving this is by creating easy and transparent cost plus agreements.

How does it work?

We've broken it down into 4 simple steps...

  1. Customer advises ESWL to purchase an item from a supplier at a list price of (for example) £1000
  2. Through negotiation on the customer's behalf, ESWL secure better pricing from the existing supplier or source an alternative supplier bringing the cost down to £700
  3. The ‘delta’ saving is £300 and this is shared at an agreed rate between ESWL and the customer
  4. The customer is then invoiced and pays the new, lower amount or is issued with a credit.

Want to find out how you could make use of our ESWL+ service? Get in touch with our procurement team today

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